ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 42

Episode 42 : VIBGYOR of Wellness


Spinning energy vortexes acting as a bridge between our reality and our highest aware self are the Chakras. Chakras radiate energies by spiralling both inward and outward. Moving inwards, we soak in the free lingering energies around us, all the while sending out vibrations of our own. When our chakras are imbalanced, our body and mind also get out of sync. It is our balanced rainbow bridge which helps us achieve a higher state of consciousness by harnessing our energies as well as the energies of those around us.

Tune in to today’s episode, as we work to unblock our energy vortexes, to align them and bring harmony between our physical and spiritual being.

2 comments on “ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 42
  1. Mohan lal saini says:

    Good morning madam ji, episode me urjja ke utapan krne ki Jankari di bhut hi aacha lga thanks madam ji

  2. Nakul Dev says:

    You reminds us every thursday that how beautiful life can by making small changes in day to day life. It’s not only Inspiring but encourage all of us to lead a reach and peaceful life. Your talks are like torch, showing path to one, who doesn’t know the proper way…Keep showing path, spreading love and light…Happy Makar Sakranti 🎉💐🙏🏻

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