episode 41

ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 43

Episode 43 : Laziness : Take a Break Laziness There are times when we just want to turn our brains off and take rest but a nagging voice inside head tells us to tick things off the to-do list. The immense guilt when we spend too much time on anything non- productive is nothing but…

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ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 42

Episode 42 : VIBGYOR of Wellness CHAKRAS Spinning energy vortexes acting as a bridge between our reality and our highest aware self are the Chakras. Chakras radiate energies by spiralling both inward and outward. Moving inwards, we soak in the free lingering energies around us, all the while sending out vibrations of our own. When…

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ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 41

Episode 41: Let’s Vibrate Higher in 2022! Vibrations The Universe comprises of components which are constantly vibrating at different frequencies.We all live in an energy field. Our vibrations decide the life we live. It is the synchronicity of alike vibrations be it positive or negative, that rule our mind and matter and ultimately attract our…

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