ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 28

Personal Place is Precious Necessity

The whole universe and its components carry different energies and we are all designed to fuel our own specific energy systems. Our dynamic energy field is made of multiple layers, which we can expand or contract ; and the moment someone crosses a layer, weighs down our protective cover, or breach our psychic boundaries, it feels as if someone has broken into our safe abode and chipping away the peace, piece by piece. It triggers a feeling of closing oneself and wishing there was a wall between us and the world.

Tune in to today’s episode as we learn to protect and prioritise our unique energies, peace of mind and sense of self. 

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20 comments on “ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 28
  1. Sunita kapoor says:

    आदरणीया महोदया
    आपको नवरात्रा पर्व की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं
    आपके द्वारा प्रेषित सकारात्मक ऊर्जा से परिपूर्ण आपके ज्ञान वर्धक वचनों को आपके मुखारविंद से सुनकर एक ताज़गी को महसूस किया।
    धन्यवाद महोदया आपका बहुत बहुत आभार

    1. Nakul Dev says:

      Your own place source of your energy. The more time you spend more joyous you feel.
      That is very true……💐🙏🏻

      1. Sumedha says:


        1. Sumedha says:

          Thanks Sunitaji. Regards

  2. Geeta jawa says:

    Beautiful and very sensitive, thanks for put it in words. Looking forward to Rnglush versions please x

    1. Sumedha says:

      Its on the way, Geeta

  3. Dr. Mohit Gupta says:


    1. Sumedha says:


  4. Madhu Bala says:

    Once again you have beautifully explained a topic like personal place which is so precious to us all. All your podcasts appear so close to our heart because they deal with the common problems and dilemmas of our lives.
    Please keep guiding. Best wishes and regards, mam.

    1. Sumedha says:


      Thanks Madam, for always motivating. Regards

  5. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Emphasizing our need for personal space, you have rightly revealed the connection between this need and positive energy. Every example is related to our actual experiences in daily life. This lends authenticity to your presentation and the way you speak is highly persuasive and reassuring. Every podcast brings us closer to an understanding of what we need to do on our path of self-exploration.

    1. Sumedha says:

      Pranam, Sir. Thank you so much. Regards

  6. Suman saini says:

    How minutely you analyze n give an elaborate explanation to the feelings, that have always been there in our minds n feelings . I was not able to assess that such irritation n change on your behavior could be the result of lacking in personal space. Sometimes being too good or efficient in personal or official relations has resulted in such situation. Thanks a lot for bringing this amazing aspect of oorjaa n making us aware of always keeping this in mind n action.

    1. Sumedha says:

      Jee pranam di, it happens so often.

  7. Ranju Dhingra says:

    Our dear Sumedha , Thank you for another beautiful topic – personal space. Very rightly said ‘ जो सुख झजु दे चौबारे ऊह बलख ना बूख़ारे’ we want to enjoy each n every moment of life provided we have our own personal space too. Yes we need our space at home also. Our ME TIME is very essential for our growth. कभी खुद से खुद की बात करना भी ज़रूरी है। of course there was a time when I was not bothered by surprises but as your responsibility increases , you have to be pre organised for the day. We should command respect not demand it. Dear it’s always a pleasure to listen to you. But you need lot of learning n reading to express in such a balanced n simple manner.God bless you abundantly our ocean of knowledge Looking forward to the next one.

    1. Sumedha says:

      Ram Ramji, thankas for always being there to motivate. Regards

  8. Mohan lal saini says:

    Namaste madam ji good episod

  9. madhurima says:

    When I listen to you I feel as if you are giving voice to my thoughts.. you are so right! I have always been so protective about my personal space in every sense.., to the extent that my struggle becomes existential!
    Sumedha, listening to you is very mood elevating and I pray to God that you always stay around me…
    Bless you..

    1. Sumedha says:

      Jee sadar charan sparsh, its so very encouraging to hear from you. Thank you much for motivating. Regards

  10. Devinder Kaur says:

    ज़िंदगी के चंद लम्हे ख़ुद की ख़ातिर भी रखो

    भीड़ में हर-दम रहे तो ख़ुद भी गुम हो जाओगे

    बजा फ़रमाया आपने निजी space necessity होती है अगर ये नहीं मिलती तो हमारी ऊर्जा नेगेटिव हो जाती है।
    Sometimes you just need to be alone, that’s okay.It doesn’t mean anything’s wrong with you,or even that anything is wrong with your life.Sometimes you need to create the space to soul search,recover,think,rest and just BE.It’s part of what makes you a happy , healthy,contented person.
    बख़ूबी आपने personal space के बारे में बताया, पर ज़्यादातर हम निजी space को तो अहमियत देते हैं पर दूसरों की नहीं।जाने- अनजाने हम उसमें दख़ल दे देते हैं।वाकई ये परमात्मा की कृपा ही होती है कि हमें अपने आस पास ऐसे लोग मिलते हैं जो इस की respect करते हैं और हमारी पर्सनल स्पेस में दख़लंदाज़ी नहीं करते।आपने बिल्कुल सही कहा कि हमें बच्चों को भी निजी space देनी चाहिए।किसी भी रिश्ते की मजबूती के लिए बहुत जरूरी है ये।
    A bit of personal space and a little time out from each other is always healthy for a relationship to work and last.
    आपको बहुत-बहुत बधाई इतने अच्छे से इतने मुश्किल टॉपिक को आपने अपने गहरे ज्ञान और सही शब्दों के चयन से दिल से हमारे दिल तक पहुंचाया है।
    आपके हर टॉपिक को देख कर यूं लगता है कि ये तो पता ही है पर जब आपको सुनते हैं तो अलग ही नज़रिया आपके इंप्रेसिव अंदाज में सामने आता है और अच्छे से समझ आ जाता है।
    आगे भी ऐसे ही important और
    रोज़मर्रा ज़िंदगी से वाबस्ता topics को हमें समझाते रहें आपके मख़्सूस अंदाज़ में।

    ईश्वरीय कृपा आप पर हमेशा बनी रहे।आप हमारा यूंही मार्गदर्शन करते रहें🙏🙏

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