ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 19

Prayers Take Us Beyond All Negatives

All our deeds and thoughts create vibrations. The higher the thought frequency, the higher do our vibrations rise. When we pray, we express gratitude, we set our intentions and we attract the good in the Universe. We open a divine portal towards growth, abundance, blessings and our desires to fruition. We rise above and beyond all the negatives which pin us down. 

Join me in today’s episode as we experience the divinity that prayers have made possible.

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26 comments on “ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 19
  1. Anjali Singh says:

    Duaon mein asar hota hai. Bas dua mein yaad rakhna. Yahi sach hai….🙏🙏💖💖

    1. Sumedha says:


  2. Gaytri bajaj says:

    Beautiful episode..your each and every session has enlightened us ..keep doing ..as usual will be waiting for the next one

    1. Sumedha says:


  3. Sachin Thukral says:

    Respected Mam,
    Greetings of the day/ koti koti naman

    Today’s podcast message is so elevating! This message is the need of the hour , amidst these circumstances, wherein people are getting disconnected from their families and opting to live in nuclear families; your message regarding the importance of prayer and mother, in particular, at once exhorts us to go deep within and cherish the warm relationships of our inner self with the Almighty and other family members.

    The way you described prayer as a path to connect with God clearly exhibits how well you traverse that path yourself and converse with the Almighty. How beautifully you have worded that we are so fortunate to have the privilege to converse with Him 24/7, 365 days a week and how the ‘Lord’ is available at our beck and call. Such a strong sense of connection is felt only by those who dedicate themselves unto the Lord and choose the path of selfless service.

    Your messages inspire us to make efforts to ensure that we preserve our energies which can then be utilized for some great noble cause. Your messages are certainly showing us the right direction. They certainly guide us to channelize our energy. We are fortunate to be listening to these messages… Like Aamir Khan says in ‘3 Idiots’ ‘jahan se gyan mile, le lo…’

    Thanks once again for such painstaking effort. Further, the incredible use of Hindi, English and Urdu words alike provides us immense aesthetic pleasure. And, the poetry is equally awe-inspiring and invigorating.

    May Almighty bless you with good health and a long and healthy life.


  4. KAUSHALYA Arya says:

    Respected ma’am
    The way you have enlighten us about the prayer is so fantastic. Everyone should listen to this everyday. Your way of expressing and explaining is amazing . It is so effective . Everybody should follow this prayer ritual ,which will surely brings positivity in one’s life .Praying is absolutely a positive energy. It felt so good after listening to this . Keep sharing more .
    Thankyou ma’am

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks Madam, i pray for your well being. Regards

  5. Nakul Dev says:

    Prayers are very powerful energies, they can be heard without words…🙏🏼

  6. Mohan lal saini says:

    Jai swachhta ,madam ji bhut hi important he prayer sabad sunker bachpan ki yade.taja ho gai episode sunker aapka.ak ak.sabad bhut hi preranaday he.

    1. omish pruthi says:

      बेहद खूबसूरत।🌷
      प्रार्थना का अप्रतिम,सम्यक विश्लेषण।
      कोई पहलू नहीं छूटा।

      1. Sumedha says:

        Jee thanks, Sir. Regards

  7. Mohan lal saini says:

    Jai swachhta ,madam ji bhut hi important he prayer sabad sunker bachpan ki yade.taja ho gai episode sunker aapka.ak ak.sabad bhut hi preranaday he.

    1. Renuka Aneja says:

      Truth expressed beautifully! Prayers actually give us strength to live. All, who pray ,can feel it’s ‘urza ‘.we have seen the power of ‘Maa ki dua’.Dear mam , like all other episodes even this one is a very positive and inspiring episode. Please keep motivating and sharing. God bless you!

      1. Sumedha says:

        Thanks Renukaji, for the compliments. Regards

  8. Madhu Bala says:

    How beautifully and elaborately you have explained the word Prayer, which is so energising! It attracts all the positive vibes from the Universe. Moreover it is available 365days and 24*7. We pray to God for your good health and happiness!

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks Madam, for the prayers you have sent for me..really need them. Regards

  9. Dinesh Kumar says:

    You have presented an eloquent and comprehensive account of the wonders that a prayer can do. No aspect has been left uncovered. Inspiration oozes from your words. One of the most beautiful podcasts I have listened to! Thoroughly authentic and effective! I have also experienced some miracles of prayers in my life. Thanks for sharing your invaluable thoughts!

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks a lot, Sir, for liking this episode. The power of prayers is unimaginable..

  10. SUNITA GUPTA says:

    R/Mam, Thanks for enlightening us that prayer has great power. So beautifully u have explained the blessings of this invisible power. You are leading us towards the right path with your powerful direction. Your all podcasts are very beneficial to be a complete person in real sense. Ye jo dil mera kisi ki nahi manta tha, vh aap ki maan-ne laga, aap mai aisi Divye Shakti hai 💝 eagerly waiting for ur next episode 🙏 Regards

    1. Sumedha says:

      Aapki dariyadili ko sadar naman. Regards

  11. Sumedha says:


  12. Sumedha says:


  13. Sumedha says:


  14. BinduJuneja says:

    Very true didi 🙏

  15. Anita Kharub says:

    Mam you are absolutely right. Prayer is definitely the universal pious medium of expressing gratitude and seeking blessings of the Supreme Power of the universe. 🙏🏻

  16. Saroj Chawla says:

    सच्चे मन से की गई प्रार्थना में बहुत बहुत शक्ति है ये हम सब ने अनुभव किया है बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद प्रार्थना की ताकत का गहराई से वर्णन करने का.

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