ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 17

Spread the joy. Appreciate!


Words of appreciation give us an energy boost, a surge in our motivation and a calming feeling of reassurance. But many of us are held back by our pride when it is our turn to appreciate someone else. In such a situation, I advise, don’t let your pride get the better of you. Spread the joy, truly appreciate and compliment someone.

Appreciating all the love you’ve given to my podcast, I invite you to tune in to our latest episode.

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44 comments on “ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 17
  1. Radhika says:

    You hold a special place in my heart. You have the key to many areas of my life. with your sharing
    blogs… You are my inspiration .
    Thanks & Regards

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks Radhika, for such reverence. Regards

      1. Shuchismita says:

        दिल चाहिए प्रशंसा करने के लिए
        बहुत सुंदर अभि्यक्ति
        ऐसे ही प्रेरणा देते रहे

        1. Sumedha says:

          Thanks Shuchismita, dil se kahne ke liye…

  2. Sachin Thukral says:

    Respected Mam
    Greetings of the day!
    Thursdays seem to have become a day of self-contemplation for me! And, I am sure the case is the same for others who are eagerly waiting for well-informed and meaningful podcasts from you Mam. And, I am glad that today’s podcast hasn’t disappointed us! Once again, the 15-minute podcast has filled us with awe as we sit spellbound simply relishing the super-rich source of vocabulary and knowledge that you have. I should never fail to appreciate, especially after listening to today’s podcast, as to how lucky we are to listen to your podcasts where you introduce us to the great quotes and thoughts of great writers and philosophers like Kabir ji, Emerson, etc. along with your meaningful interpretation of the things that impact our energy levels.
    Appreciation does fill us with immense ‘urja.’ I personally remember how you used to charge all the teachers in our district Panipat to do their best. And, your 30-minute to 1-hour lectures meant a lot; you certainly took us to a different sphere, where, we all vowed internally to give our best and perform to the fullest of our potential. Least did I know then about the chemistry behind the things, as your approach was such deeply-rooted and well-informed and meaningful. Now, I know what this quote means,

    बाहर से शांत रहने के लिए अंदर से बहुत लड़ना पड़ता है
    You played your part dexterously and you were certainly instrumental in filling the officials with energy, but it’s great that you are making us aware of the phenomenon behind your approach now. And, I simply understand how you used to handle challenging situations with the tool of appreciation, which certainly acted as an energy booster and immunity provider.
    Also, you are right Mam that appreciation does motivate others to innovate and show more commitment. It is also instrumental in forming a great bond between the person who appreciates and the person who is appreciated, and the one who gets appreciated develops a feeling of respect for the one who appreciates, for sure!
    Besides, once again you have invoked the concept of ‘sending and receiving to the universe’- whatever we send to the universe it comes back! How often we simply overlook this part- how often! Strange, isn’t it. Your messages underline the importance of gratitude, appreciation being a part of it. Certainly, people don’t appreciate and sometimes they never realize how fortunate they are. But I am sure if they listen to you, they will realize the power of gratitude and appreciation. Amazing!
    And, though you laid emphasis on the ‘selection of words’ while appreciating others (which I have perceived after hearing to the message twice! Pardon me if I still haven’t got the message), but just a couple of minutes later in the podcast, you laid emphasis on appreciating others from the core of our heart and that works. Indeed! It works. I try it on everyone, especially the maids or rickshaw pullers, etc. They reciprocate, they understand. Our feelings, gestures, etc. are understood by others, and it is probably because of the energy levels. I guess. So, where words don’t work gestures work, and gestures come from pure feelings of the heart!
    And, be rest assured, we won’t be misers anymore (ha ha) while appreciating the arrangement at home! We get ironed clothes, clean house, tidied-up things, food at time, etc. at home, and we mustn’t be ‘kanjoos’ to appreciate all that.
    Thanks a lot mam!

    PS: And, if you could come up with a message on ‘self-doubt’ – I would be grateful to you. Our energies get depleted certainly when we are in the ‘self-doubt’ mode. It would be great help!
    Thanks once again
    May God give you peace, health and happiness.

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks Sachin, you take time out to elaborate what a simple episode means to you!! Sure wud love to take up self doubt. Regards

      1. Sachin Thukral says:

        Respected Mam, thanks for the prompt reply this time, it means a lot!

        I would beg to differ mam, these episodes are in no way ‘simple’ – they mean a lot, they are a guiding force. The way you make very complex and subtle subjects simpler is mindboggling and awe-inspiring.

        I keep on listening to the podcasts, the ones on energy, gratitude, forgiveness, are all so meaningful.

        Thanks a lot mam


  3. Nakul Dev says:

    Appreciation make our life worthy allow us to love and spread hope all arround.
    It empowers us to make impossible deeds. Keep spreading love and light….💐🙏🏼👍

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks Nakul. Regards

  4. Poonam Chadha says:

    How elaborately n impactfully you have spoken about the power of APPRECIATION 👍 Yes you love to be appreciated but didn’t know that to be appreciated n to appreciate others actually enhances our personality. I truly APPRECIATE your effort to fill us with positive energy through your wast knowledge…keep spreading your love and happiness through your podcasts.. much love ❤️

    1. Sumedha says:

      Poonam di, seems like i -have – really- asked- for it!!


  5. Vikas Relhan Vk says:


  6. Mohan lal saini says:

    Jai swachhta madam ji ,Bhut hi prernadya he episode 17

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thankas Mohan lalji. Regards

  7. Ranju Dhingra says:

    Wow shah ji , I appreciate your choice of another important topic- appreciation. Amazingly explained. This group is a living example of appreciation. As I started singing in the lockdown. With everyone’s appreciation how my voice got matured , everybody knows that. You very well said whatever we give this universe it multiplies n comes back to you “ अपनी गलती पर तो वकील बन जाते हैं और दूसरों की गलती जज करते हैं “ very well said.
    किसी को appreciate ना कर पाना भी एक बहुत बड़ी कमी है और जो हमारी नाखुशी की एक वजह भी है “ बहुत ख़ूब।
    आप तो कमाल कमाल बस कमाल ही है। कैसे हर बात को इतना सहजता से कह देते है।
    May you keep spreading your knowledge more n more. Looking forward to the next one.

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks Ranju, you are always so generous in showering appreciation!! Was telling Poonam di that it seems like asking for it in this episode!! But you are always among the first few. Thanks again.. true the geffies have exclusive way of motivating. Its like MAC..mutual appreciation club!!!

      1. Suman saini says:

        प्रिय सुमेधा जी, सबसे पहले तो प्रशंसा करूँगी कितनी खूबसूरती के साथ आप जीवन के हर पक्ष को ऊर्जा के साथ जोड़ कर प्रस्तुत कर रहीं हैं और उस रूप में वह हम सब के मन मस्तिष्क पर अंकित होता जा रहा है और मार्गदर्शक बन रहा है। इस के पहले इन विषयों पर इस रूप में सोच ही नहीं था। साथ ही आपके सुंदर व्यक्तित्व को और गहराई से जानने एवम् उदात्त विचारों को पहचानने का भी अवसर प्रदान कर रहे हैं।
        आप के स्वस्थ,सुखमय जीवन की कामना व प्रभु से प्रार्थना करते हैं।

        1. Sumedha says:

          Aapka vaktavya vard hast ki manind maarg prashst karta hai. Aabhaar. Regards

  8. Ishwar Singh Rana says:

    Ji, ma’am , even a small sign of appreciation motivates a natural ( normal i.e. away from artificiallity ) to many leaps ahead in his/ her performance !

    1. Sumedha says:


  9. Ishwar Singh Rana says:

    * a natural person / normal / genuine human being*

    1. Madhu Bala says:

      You are absolutely right mam, appreciation boosts our energy levels and motivates us for better performance. It fills us with the feeling of gratitude also which again gives us a feeling of satisfaction and joy. Thanks for enlightening us.

      1. Sumedha says:

        Your generosity in appreciation overwhelms me. Regards

  10. Anonymous says:

    Mam each and every word of yours is cent percent true. Appreciation definitely brings out the best in a person. But Sometimes a word of gentle reprimand also motivates a person to better himself/herself, to please the boss or any family member to get a word of appreciation. Actually the manner and tone in which the criticism is done matters. If the criticism is positive and convincing, it helps the person to improve and excel in the hope of being appreciated. 👍🙏

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks Anitaji, very well said!! True, tone matters more than even the words. Regards

  11. Anonymous says:

    Mam each and every word of yours is cent percent true. Appreciation definitely brings out the best in a person. But Sometimes a word of gentle reprimand also motivates a person to better himself/herself, to please the boss or any family member to get a word of appreciation. Actually the manner and tone in which the criticism is done matters. If the criticism is positive and convincing, it helps the person to improve and excel in the hope of being appreciated. 👍🙏

  12. Dinesh Kumar says:

    आपकी यह पॉडकास्ट सचमुच बहुत ज़रूरी है। इतने सरल तरीके से आपने पारस्परिक संबंधों को जीवंत बनाने का एक नायाब सूत्र समझाया है कि सुन कर अपने दैनंदिन जीवन की अनेक बातें और स्थितियां याद आने लगतीं हैं। यह एक ऐसा महत्त्वपूर्ण पाठ है, जो हर किसी को सीखना ही चाहिए। आत्मानुसंधान की यात्रा में जीवन-पथ का पाथेय है उदारता पूर्वक की गई सहृदयता से युक्त प्रशंसा! आपका प्रस्तुतीकरण हमेशा की तरह बहुत रोचक और ज्ञानवर्धक है! इस स्मरणीय प्रस्तुति के लिए हार्दिक आभार एवं शुभकामनाएं!

    1. Sumedha says:

      Pranam Sir, there is magic in your expression. I feel blessed to be recipient of your appreciation. Regards

  13. madhurima says:

    Dear sumedha, would you mind if I say that I am proud of you..kindly understand that when I say this I am not trying to be condescending, I really mean it. We all really crave for appreciation; its an innate need of all living creatures to be genuinely admired, specially everyone in the creative world wants appreciation and if genuine it works as elixir for life, giving us all reason to do better…
    So dear sumedha, three cheers for you as usual and althea kudos! You deserve it all and how!
    God bless you for making us all aware of the positivity inside us…

    1. Sumedha says:

      Jee pranam. Sadar Charan sparsh. These compliments from my revered teacher on Guru Poornima mean so much…thank you, madam. Regards

  14. Respected mam, you are inspiration for me. Yours words are magical and really works.

    1. Sumedha says:


  15. SUNITA GUPTA says:

    Appreciation plays vital role in one’s growth n u truly said that whatever we give to the Universe, ut comes back to us in abundance and helps in creating coordial relations too. Thanks very much once again. It seems , that we have actually started growing now only, in all respects after listening ur Marvellous Podcasts , full of rich contents, presented in ur sweetest voice. Thanks a lot to u n Thanks to God also for creation if this rare personality. Always remain happy n stay blessed. My deepest Regards🙏

  16. Anonymous says:

    क्या सही नब्ज़ पकड़ी है रिश्तों को मज़बूती देने की सुमेधा जी आपने!
    Appreciate कर पाना वाकई एक कला है। जो अगर हमारी जिंदगी का हिस्सा नहीं है तो कुछ अधूरा सा है।इसे न कर पाना एक बहुत बड़ी कमी है।जो इस कला को सीख गए हैं उनके रिश्ते काफ़ी हद तक संभले रहते हैं- बशर्ते दिल से हो,नहीं तो ज़्यादा दिन नहीं चलता। बिल्कुल जी!प्रशंसा से परस्पर आदर भाव बढ़ता है,विश्वास बढ़ता है,जिस से सम्बंध गहरे होते हैं।
    Appreciation is a wonderful thing.Let’s learn to be thankful, appreciative to the people who make us happy-they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
    You always tell us ways to uplift our oorja and this is the easiest way – हींग लगे न फिटकरी,रंग चोख़ा ही चोख़ा👌🏻
    प्रशंसा में सम्माहित होता है आभार और सकारात्मकता।अगर हम ये अपने लिए चाहते हैं तो पहले हमें देना आना चाहिए जैसा कि आप अक्सर कह रहे हैं कि जो हम universe में भेजते हैं वो कई गुणा बढ़ कर हमारे पास आता है।बिल्कुल ठीक कहा आपने की appreciation मानसिक स्वास्थ्य और निजी उत्साहवर्धन के लिए बहुत अहम role अदा करती है।
    *आओ हम समंदर की तरह जीना सीख लें
    फैलें तो पूरा विश्व हमारा हो
    सिकुड़े तो किनारे की रेत तक स्पर्श को तरसे*

    कैसे ? कैसे? शायरी,कविताएं,quotes याद रहते हैं आपको।Hats off to you👏👏👏
    आलोचना सिकोड़ती है और प्रशंसा फैलाती है।Words of appreciation give us an energy boost, a surge in our motivation and a calming feeling of reassurance.
    So true,*appreciation should occur 24×7 365days* .This is *the Mantra* of this episode.
    Appreciation और criticism का प्रभाव पेड़ -पौधों,पशु- पक्षियों और यहां तक कि पानी पर भी देखा गया है।इतना सब कुछ पता होने के बाद भी हम घर में इसे लेकर कंजूसी करते हैं। जब कि ये हमें भी पॉजिटिविटी देती है।अगर ये हमारा स्वभाव बन जाए तो ही हम सब की सच्ची प्रशंसा कर पाएंगे।इसके लिए हमें unconditional Love से लबालब भरा होना होगा नहीं तो appreciation कम और flattery ज्यादा होगी।
    आप जो भी टॉपिक लेते हो उसे इस अंदाज से पेश करते हो कि उस से हमारे अंदर सकारात्मक ऊर्जा भर जाती है।बहुत ख़ूब है आपका अंदाज -ए- बयां और आपकी समझ और पकड़ विषयों पर।
    शुक्रिया फिर से सकारात्मकता से भरने के लिए🙏🙏🙏
    Learnt this from this podcast-
    *A habit for all of us to develop would be to look for something to appreciate in everyone we meet. We can all be generous with appreciation. Everyone is grateful for it. It improves every human relationship, it brings new courage to people facing difficulties, and it brings out the best in everyone. So, give appreciation generously whenever you can. You will never regret it*
    God bless you for making us realise the importance of positivity through different topics🙏❤️🙏

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks a lot for such detailed appreciative analysis og the podcast. Your comments add to its understanding and reveal facilitate further learning from your indepth knowledge and experience. Regards

  17. Rashmi says:

    Appreciation….. वाह, बहुत खूब… बहुत सुन्दर लिखा और बोला. सराहना को जी आयाँ नूँ जी 😊
    Appreciation से मुझे तो पहिए लग जाते हैं… चाल में ही अंतर आ जाता है 😄
    विशेषकर जब अनजान लोग तारीफ़ करें। अपनों द्वारा की गयी तारीफ़ का अपना ही मजा है। परन्तु appreciation जिंदगी में है बहुत जरूरी… No doubt.
    Thanx सुमेधा यह सब, सब को बताने के लिए।
    समंदर की तरह जीना सीखें… 👌👌
    सही कहा जी, appreciation energy booster है 👌👌.
    Quotes are superb 💞
    वकील और जज की बात, बहुत खूब कही…
    यह बात सही है, बहुत बार हम सराहना करने में कंजूसी कर जाते हैं या कई बार चूक जाते हैं….
    तुम्हारे द्वारा appreciation, बहुत मायने रखती है…🙏🙏
    आपके messages स्कूल college students तक जरूर पहुँचने चाहियें, they can learn a lot.
    सादर आभार।
    🌹ढेरों शुभकामनायें🌹
    🌹असीमित प्यार 🌹

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks a lot dear for being so appreciative. It matters a lot to me!!

  18. Rajesh Singla says:

    Appreciation plays a vital role in our life.
    We have seen PRACTICALLY and learned a lot from you and Hon’ble Madam Urvashi Gulati Ji

    My Deepest Regards ,🙏

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks jee. Regards

  19. राम पाल शर्मा says:

    हर एक एपीसोड प्रेरणादायक है

    1. Sumedha says:


  20. So nicely elaborated the need of appreciation. Surely all need to appreciate ones deed. But I believe we take out a lot for ourself when we appreciate other and it’s start with positivity. It’s give us strength to push all into right direction of noble works where people get satisfaction. Di, your every episode relates to our daily life and is delivered with uniqueness.
    You kind words and their depth make it more to adapt. Sometime I don’t listen episodes because I want them to listen when I am calm and found all good around me.
    These episodes mean a lot to everyone life and surely personally will love to listen again & again.
    Wish you all the happiness in life and keep spreading happiness around you 🙏🙏

  21. Vibha sharma says:

    well said that we should appreciate everyone so all of us be nice to all. very inspiring episode and motivating. best wishes di 🙏

  22. Sonali says:

    I can’t express how much u inspire me

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