ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 15

The choices we make, make us. 

Barraged with choices at every step, we are often faced with difficult decisions ——to pick seemingly dreary choices presently with a good outcome or to pick the easy way out and deal with the consequences later. The conscious choices we make each day shape and define our lives.
So, as intuitive human beings, how do you wish to guide your life choices?

Sit back, relax and listen to the latest episode and find the ultimate guide to making purposive choices

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53 comments on “ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 15
  1. SANDEEP says:

    Very motivational and truly inspiring….

    1. Anonymous says:

      Insightful. Thanks mam

      1. Anonymous says:

        Very inspiring and motivational

        1. Sumedha says:

          Thanks. Rdgards

  2. chandertrikha@gmail.com says:

    Laga hai ek darpan ke saamne biatha diya gaya hoon

    1. डॉ प्रदुम्न भल्ला says:

      Very informative inspiring and thoughtful version
      हम ने जब भी पंख खोले हैं उड़ानें के लिए
      हम चुनौती बन गए हैं आसमानों के लिए

      1. Sumedha says:


  3. Anjali Singh says:

    Beautiful message ma’am!! ‘Urja Aparimit k Dharak hain Hum’ contains the whole message.
    Warm Regards!!🌹🙏🙏🌹

    1. Meenu Chaudhary says:

      Very inspiring and motivational

      1. Prem Chand Gangle says:

        बहुत प्रेरणादायक जी

  4. Shuchismia says:

    Truly enlightened !!

  5. Yash says:

    You are such a kind and enlightened soul. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, vision with us 🙏🏻🙏🏻.

    1. Sumedha says:


  6. Vimala says:

    True that the power of choice is one of the greatest gift bestowed on us….and we can be happy by choice and not by chance….Thanks for highlighting this again….

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks Vimalaji. Regards

  7. Sachin Thukral says:

    So…the wait is finally over, as once again, there is some food for thought that your podcast message has provided. Yet again, you have touched upon a very significant aspect of our life, and that is, making decisions.
    Once again, the message reflects your deep thoughts, which are corroborated sufficiently with relevant and enriching quotes.
    At the outset you highlighted the importance of making decisions, and our ability to make decisions and standing on them, being accountable for them.
    Yet, there are instances when we aren’t mature enough to take decisions but we have no other option but to make one.
    Yet, the core thing is, our happiness lies in understanding ourselves; the decisions we make our just a manifestation of what we believe, what we want, to what extent we love and understand ourselves. Sometimes, we aren’t that mature to take decisions, as I have already pointed out; yet, we get to make one.

    This message focuses on the aspect of making ‘well-informed’ decision in the first part of the podcast. And, to ‘assess’ our decisions after a while to ensure we ‘balance’ the things.
    Well, these things don’t quite happen at times. The decisions are decisions…and they are ours, that we embrace, and at times, there is no going back.
    You quoted Frost, and I would like to quote some lines from the same poem,

    “Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
    I doubted if I should ever come back.”

    It is too difficult at times to ‘balance’ the things.
    And, why should a mortal be sensible enough to ‘balance’ things; why not ‘fall?’- taste defeat. As Emily Dickinson says,

    “Success is counted sweetest
    By those who never succeed.”

    And, as you said, Faustus realized that he had made the wrong decisions as he said
    “My blood congeals and I can write no more.”

    But, he isn’t able to change anything then, the decision taken, is taken.

    Yet, before he died, he understood what was good and bad for him , as he says
    “Oh, though bewitching fiend, ‘t was thy temptation that
    hath robb’d me of eternal happiness.”

    Very few mortals have such self-realization.

    And, regarding the critics you quoted,
    ‘सूरज बन न चाहते थे ना
    देख लिया बन के
    अब चलो”

    And the other one
    Rana Gannauri
    “अब मुझे थोड़ी सी ग़फ़लत से भी डर लगता है
    आँख लगती है कि दीवार से सर लगता है

    I think Alexander Pope’s quote is the answer to them

    Damn with faint praise, assent with civil leer,
    And without sneering, teach the rest to sneer;
    Willing to wound, and yet afraid to strike,
    Just hint a fault, and hesitate dislike.
    That is, all I wanted to say is, once a decision is made, one should stand on it.
    Yes, Shakespeare’s characters had that ‘tragic flaw’ – the internal imperfection but their downfall was because of their own doing, and they were not maneuvered by others, directed by others…
    As you quoted Sahir Ludhianvi in one of your other messages…
    “ले दे के अपने पास फ़क़त इक नज़र तो है
    क्यूँ देखें ज़िंदगी को किसी की नज़र से हम”
    But, yes, there can be the possibility, as you too beautifully expressed
    लम्हों ने खता की थी सदियों ने सजा पाई
    Here, the example of the fate of Veer and Zaara from the movie Veer-Zaara can be a perfect example. However, it was their decision and they stood on it. To ‘sazaa’ nahin ye to ‘mazaa’ hai.
    And, here, I would quote what you quoted from Nida Fasli,

    गरज-बरस प्यासी धरती पर फिर पानी दे मौला,
    चिड़ियों को दाने, बच्चों को, गुड़धानी दे मौला।
    फिर मूरत से बाहर आकर, चारों ओर बिखर जा,
    फिर मंदिर को कोई मीरा दीवानी दे मौला।
    दो और दो का जोड़ हमेशा चार कहाँ होता है,
    सोच समझ वालों को थोड़ी नादानी दे मौला।

    The decisions we make can never be ‘sane’ as such at times; we never know whether what we are choosing will bear fruit or not, but we are choosing because that is what we want.
    However, the main thing is we must respect our decision; our decision of choosing a life partner, a career, etc.
    Like, a girl might be fat, ugly or dull for others, but the same girl can be the most beautiful girl for her husband. So, we got to respect our decisions, and that is what life is! There is nothing good or bad at times; it is just what makes us happy and we live with it.
    And, once again, your belief in ‘Aparimit Urja’ that we have , constantly reminds us of our power, the inner strength that we can channelize.
    “To strive, to seek , to find and not to yield.’

    It was the realization of this energy that drove Joseph Conrad to start learning English at the age of 21 and write the masterpieces like ‘Lord Jim’ and ‘The Heart of Darkness.’

    It is this realization that is guiding the contemporary write ‘Jhumpa Lahiri’ to foray into Italian language after having written the masterpieces like ‘Namesake’ and “The Low Lands,’ to name a few.
    And, regarding your message of how a ‘retired’ person is always looking for a purpose in life, there are people who never retire, or rather, they choose to be a freelancer. For instance, Chetan Bhagat says he dislikes being settled in life. So, what if we are constantly unsettled in life, and always striving to do something lofty! What if we are driven by free-will rather than the norms of the society; what if we choose to not get the ‘security’ that a fix income provides!
    There are few of us who would do that- who have the power to reject a routine life….Here I would provide the example of RK Narayan who became one of the finest writers, after rejecting the idea of being a government teacher. Then, there are others…
    Most of us lack this courage. However, there are people who realize the ‘Amarimit Urja’ that they have and achieve wonders- Om Puri, Nawazzudin, etc. are few examples from the film industry.
    Here, I would also like to include the quote of Tony A Gaskins Jr.
    “If you don’t build your dream
    Someone else will hire you to help build theirs.”
    Thus, we must have dreams and work towards their fulfilment, while having confidence in our ability to make decisions and our unlimited energies!
    So, we should stick to our choices and always respect our decisions- even if they don’t bear us good results at times. We must not indulge in self-pity as you categorically stated mam.
    And, your others podcast messages too are life-changing and uplifting. It feels great to be a part of your ‘kafila’ as you quoted Sultanpuri
    ‘हम अकेले ही चले थे जानिब-ए-मंजिल मगर, लोग साथ आते गए और कारवाँ बनता गया।’

    Keep on inspiring us!

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks Sachin. You write so well!! Regards

      1. Sachin Thukral says:

        Coming from you…it means a lot Respected Mam!

        Indebted to you for your pure and sincere effort to ennoble the mortals


  8. Anonymous says:

    Respected madam
    Your thoughts are truest inspiration for the society. Thanks a lot for guiding us with such incredible messages.
    With regards
    Dr Sanjeev Kumar

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks Dr Sanjeev. Regards

  9. Gaytri bajaj says:

    Very very thoughtful version once again… इस बात को कभी सोचा भी नही…but very important issue of everyone’s life.Choices shape up our life nd give us different outlook n meaning.All our choices form us what we r today… thanks for sharing 🙏

    1. Sumedha says:


  10. Jai Parkash Sharma says:

    Hon’ble Madam ji. Parnaam. The three “C” formula is truly logical and justified for a successful human life. We must opt best choice, best chance and the change in life.
    My best wishes for your good health. Kindly keep it up. Undoubtedly you are light house.
    With all regards.
    Jai Parkash Sharma, Advocate

    1. Sumedha says:


  11. KAUSHALYA Arya says:

    Respected ,Namaskar maam Truly inspiring. Indeed very well said about choices . Making right choices is one of the most important thing in our lifes. We should always make right choice in our life . Thankyou for Always guiding us and enlighten us with different aspects of life .

    1. Sumedha says:


  12. राजकुमार आर्य says:

    Very beautifully expressed thoughts from the inner core of heart. I am highly impressed by this episode indeed we all are affected by experiences in our life and the attitude as well as our personality is the outcome of the experiences along with the Samskars and the values learnt in the family and social atmosphere. I am grateful to you for sharing your views blended with excellent examples from the literature.

    1. Sumedha says:


  13. Devinder kaur says:

    Truly said the choices we make,make us.फिर से एक बार आप बधाई के पात्र हैं इस रोज़मर्रा से पर मुश्किल विषय पर अपने विचारों द्वारा हमें higher energies के साथ जुड़ने के तरीके बताने पर👏👏👏क्या सही quote किया है आपने:
    *‘सूरज बनना चाहते थे ना
    देख लिया बन के- अब जलो’*
    वाकई ये हमारी choices ही तो होती हैं कि क्या कैरियर चुनें,कैसा पार्टनर चुनें,शादी के बाद नौकरी करें या परिवार को प्रमुखता दें,अगर कोई प्यार में छोड़ दे फिर भी उसके साथ जुड़े रहें।जब हम अपने चुनाव कर लेते हैं चाहे वो मर्ज़ी से हो या दबाव में तो फिर उसका दायित्व हम पर ही आता है।फिर कोई और responsible नहीं।
    जो चुनाव आप आज करेंगे, वह आमतौर पर आपके कल को प्रभावित करेंगे।
    वैसे तो सब कुछ नियत है पर परमात्मा ने हमें *free will* भी दी है।जब हम उस free will से कुछ choices करते हैं और बाद में उनके परिणाम प्रतिकूल होते हैं तो हम नियति को दोष नहीं दे सकते- कि ये तो ऐसा होना ही था,मैंने कुछ जान बूझ कर नहीं किया।
    *Every choice comes with consequences.Once you make a choice, you must accept responsibility.You cannot escape the consequences of your choices, whether you like them or not.*
    So true,life is all about taking chances,making choices and being prepared for changes- *3C’s* this is the mool mantra of this episode.
    वाकई जब हमख्याल और एक जैसी vibrations वाले लोग मिलते हैं तो मक़सद भी मिलता है और उसे पाने में मदद करने वाले लोग भी मिलते हैं।जैसे कि आपने मेरे जैसे कई लोगों की इसमें मदद की है।
    *‘हम अकेले ही चले थे जानिब-ए-मंज़िल मगर, लोग साथ आते गए और कारवाँ बनता गया।’*
    हर कोई अपनी समझ से सही चुनाव ही करता है,जानबूझ कर तो कोई भी ग़लती नहीं करता।आपने सही कहा कि अगर ग़लत चुनाव हो जाए तो उस से सीखना चाहिए न कि अपने आप को या दूसरों को या स्थिति -परिस्थिती को दोष देना चाहिए,न ही अवसाद में रहना चाहिए।पर कई बार
    ऐसा ही लगता है जैसा आपने *राणा गणनौरी* के शब्दों में कहा है
    “ *अब मुझे थोड़ी सी ग़फ़लत से भी डर लगता है,
    आँख लगती है कि दीवार से सर लगता है*
    वाकई कई ग़लत choices का ख़ामियाज़ा ज़िंदगी भर चुकाना पड़ता है
    जो आपने इन लाइनों में ख़ूबसूरती से बताया है
    *लम्हों ने ख़ता की थी, सदियों ने सज़ा पाई*
    पर मुझे लगता है हमारी inner voice या परमात्मा हमें सिग्नल दे रहे होते हैं जिसे हम नज़र अंदाज़ कर देते हैं।Life is about choices,some we regret,some we are proud of.Some will haunt us forever.THE MESSAGE: we are what we choose to be.
    ये भी ठीक है कि हम सब में अपरिमित ऊर्जा है जो हमें प्रेरित करती है
    *To strive, to seek , to find and not to yield.’*
    फिर से आपके अपरिमित ज्ञान को सलाम -जिस के ज़रिए आपने जिस तरह से Richard Bach, Maxwell,Robert Frost,Faustus,Shakespeare,Rana Gannauri,Gulzar,Sahir Ludhianvi,Nida Fazli को quote करके हमें समझाने की कोशिश की।और सोने पे सुहागा आपका अंदाज़- ए -बयां वो भी प्रभावशाली आवाज़ में जो दिल में उतर जाती है और मुश्किल से मुश्किल विषय को आसानी से समझा देती है।👌👌👌जी बिल्कुल! हरेक की पसंद अपनी है,हरेक का मिजाज़ अपना।हमें जाना है beyond time and space तो छोड़ देते हैं न सब रब पे -जो हो सो हो।
    फिर से आपका दिल से शुक्रिया। ज़िंदगी का एक और मुश्किल पहलू बड़ी सहजता से समझाने के लिए।🙏🙏🙏इसी तरह और वरके भी खोलते जाएं और समझाते जाएं।ज़िंदगी के किसी और पहलू को अगली कड़ी में समझने की इंतज़ार शुरू हो गई है…

    1. Sumedha says:

      I always learn from your comprehensive views on the podcast. They in a way complement it. Thanks and regards

  14. Ranju Dhingra says:

    Once again a beautiful talk on Choices. Very rightly said that we have to choose very carefully between right n wrong. We should take that decision which doesn’t hurt anybody. First of all you should be answerable to yourself. But I feel sometimes you r stuck n there is a blank wall in front of you. At that point of time one should take advice from a wise person. Thank you for your encouraging words to love yourself n not to pity. God bless you dear. Looking forward to the next one.

    1. Sumedha says:

      Very well scribbled comment, Ranju. Jo achha na lage wo bhee zarur batana pl. Regards

  15. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Life consists of a series of chances, changes, and choices, . Once again you’ve discussed an issue of vital importance. As usual, your presentation is bedecked with the choicest thoughts of poets and thinkers. The guidance you provide through your podcasts is really precious and greatly helpful. Thanks for inspiring us!

    1. Sumedha says:

      Sir, you are an inspiration for me. Regards

  16. Madhu Bala says:

    Very rightly you have explained that we are faced with choices at every step of our life which may or may not be correct every time. But we should stick to our decisions and take the responsibility of choices made by us. A moment comes in every body’s life when we regret our choices. But then there is no looking back. We have to move on. Thanks for guiding us.

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks madam for your encouraging comments. Regards

  17. Anonymous says:

    So nicely articulated thoughts.Life indeed is about choices we make,chances we take & changes we adapt to. Without these “3 Cs,” life would be like a long monotonous journey devoid of any hope & vision for a better future. It is not about d right or wrong choices we make in life.it is about being brave enough to make a choice and then instead of crying over spilled milk (in case of wrong choices) having d courage to stand by,accept & learn from d experiences that you had from d wrong choices, grab chances & adapt to changes to make efforts towards building a strong personality-leading to a successful & most important a fulfilling life.फिर से एक और मुश्किल विषय को इतनी सहजता और खूबसूरती से समझाने के लिए बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद। As ever waiting for next Thursday to read ur motivational लेखनी।

    1. Sumedha says:

      Aap apna naam likh dete to aur bhee achha lagta. Regards

  18. Anita kharub says:

    Positivity is the biggest strength. Regard mam.

    1. Sumedha says:


  19. Monika (Noor) says:

    It’s always wonderful to hear you. Waiting for Thursday’s to get something interesting which always teaches an important path of life. Thankyou so much for your efforts in all the ways. Your thoughts are always being a blessing to nourish our way to look into the more fruitful aspects of life.

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks Monikaji for always motivating. Regards

  20. Namita says:

    Res. Madam. Your Magical words areFood for the soul.

    1. Sumedha says:


  21. Anjali Raj says:

    Thought provoking and lucid presentation of an all time pertinent issue! Some choose to have their choice, others choose to be led by choices of others. Really a complicated matter. But made simple, straightforward and comprehensible by apt and beautiful quotes! Wonderful share!

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks Anjali, for being such a regular listener . Am grateful. Regards

  22. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Mam for always injecting in us energetic vibes n positive creativity. ” chalte rehna hota hai, rukna nahi ” — your this motivational suggestion almost in every episode, gives direction to our sometimes stagnant life. And then I’m reminded of Kishore Da ji’s song —- ” Ruk jaana nahi tu kahin haar ke, kanto pe chal ke milenge saaye bahar ke; O raahi…o raahi….” I never got any inspiration thru this song by him that time , but YES , today I understand its meaning well explained by u which is proving as nutricious food to our mind n soul at exactly required time. The food we get thru ur podcasts is not available anywhere , that always enhances our self confidence n strengthens our mind. Always Stay Blessed ❤

    1. SUNITA GUPTA says:


      1. Sumedha says:

        Thanks Sunitaji, aap jaisw listeners prerna dete hain likhne kee aur kah paane kee. Regards

  23. Anonymous says:

    बहुत ही प्रेरणादायक विशेष रूप से आज के समय के लिए आदरणीया शुभ कामनाएं

    1. omish pruthi says:

      हर बार की तरह काफी असरदार रहा।

      चयन और चुनाव कभी भी मानव के लिए सुकर व सहज नहीं रहे।पूर्वापेक्षा आज और भी कठिन होते जा रहे हैं।आज श्वेत और श्याम के बीच के फासले विलुप्त होने लगे हैं।निर्णय “कास्ट” को दृष्टिगत रखते हुए लिए जाएँ अथवा “वैल्यू”को,यह समझ पाना भी आजके संवेदनशील व्यक्ति के लिए किसी चुनौती से कम नहीं।
      आपके ही शब्दों में यह अवश्य कहा जा सकता है कि सोच व शैली सकारात्मक होनी चाहिए।रास्ते बनते जाएँगे।

      मुझे कभी-कभी ऐसा लगता है कि आपका कवि मानस आपके मोटिवेशनल मानस पर हावी होने लगता है।गुलजार साहिब की सुनेंगे, तो नदजल के प्रवाह की भाँति जीवन सहज,सरल होगा।फिर नुक्तों,नक्शों व डैम बनाने की जरूरत ही न रहेगी।
      ओमीश परुथी.🙏🏼🙏🏼

      1. Sumedha says:

        Jee pranam. Am indebted to you for such enriching and educative comments. Would take care. Regards

  24. Nakul Dev says:

    Your talks are like a bridge that helps us to cross the vast river of ignorance and join the ocean of knowledge…..Keep Shining 🙏🏼👏💐

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