ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 14

Boundaries are Like Healthy Diet for Us

Do we find it difficult to say No to others’ demands? Do we overstretch ourselves to be liked and accepted by all? Why do we let other people and their requests encroach upon our time, energy and space? The underlying cause of it all: Unhealthy boundaries. Boundaries are our force field, and we are in charge of protecting and preserving it. Because, ironically, it is boundaries that safeguard our freedom and make it meaningful.

Tune in to today’s podcast as we dwell deeper into the realm of boundaries.

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34 comments on “ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 14

    Wonderful Message…

    1. Sumedha says:


  2. Nakul Dev says:

    श्रेष्ठ जीवन जीने की दिशा में आपके एक से बढ़कर एक निरन्तर वक्तवय, मुझे जिस स्तर पर मानसिक रूप से स्मृद्ध बना रहें है, उसके लिए मैं आपका सदा आभारी रहूंगा। मैं ये भी जानता हूं कि यह कार्य सरल नहीं है। आप इसे जिस तरह से प्रस्तुत करते हैं ,यह मन-मस्तिष्क पर शब्द दर शब्द अंकित होता चला जाता है। प्रभु आपको हमेशा खुश रख 🙏🏼💐👍👌🙏🏼

    1. Sumedha says:


  3. Anita kharub says:

    Mam I think it’s very difficult to maintain boundaries in an ideal manner. We do make mistakes many times . But you are very right that we must learn from our mistakes keep moving. Thanks for your continuous guidance.

    1. Sumedha says:

      I confess its not always easy to learn…

  4. Jai Parkash Sharma says:

    Hon’ble Madam, Parnaam. The episode qua boundaries is highly realistic. In my opinion reasonal boundaries are essential for self discipline, to live a balanced family life, social life and to maintain global relationship. Nature and environment also demand boundaries to maintain their quality and purity. Though one must not keep boundaries for love and dedication to almighty God.
    Kindly keep it up. Best wishes please.
    With all regards.
    Jai Parkash Sharma, Advocate

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks Mr JP Sharma, regards

  5. Sachin Thukral says:

    Respected Mam, it is such a pleasure to listen to your thoughts. Great! simply mind-boggling.

    You are such well-versed in both Hindi and English languages (and of course the bouts in Punjabi!).

    The inclusion of poetry takes the podcast messages to the next level.

    That stanza in Hindi about ‘tear’ in this episode is so moving and worth appreciating.

    “पलकों की हद को तोड़ के दामन पे आ गिरा
    इक अश्क मेरे सब्र की तौहीन कर गया “

    वाह! सुभान अल्लाह! क्या बात है, वाह वाह!

    I am blessed that I came across your channel by chance; it is a great source to understand the meaning of life and various apparently ‘unfathomable’ aspects of it in more depth . Without exaggeration, your messages are deeply moving and motivating; they are reflection of your sincere thoughts; all the messages are well-crafted and well-articulated….we are honored!

    Can’t thank you enough for coming out with such messages, as they give us a chance to reflect upon life, become more sensible and humane. And, as for this episode, it definitely teaches us to think and explore… understand our true potential, find out more about our nature, as that is when we will be in a position to place boundaries- only when we know that this is what we want, and this is what we simply can’t accept.

    Once again mam, you simply make us rich by your valuable life lessons.

    I was greatly moved when I first hit upon your website, and ended up giving such detailed feedback for Episode 1 (comment 40).

    You surely are a great source of inspiration mam…..can’t wait to devour all your blogs and podcast messages – they are simply greatest treasure in my life now…

    Wish you a healthy and happy life mam…


    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks Sachin, bless you. Regards

      1. Sachin Thukral says:

        thanks and regards mam

        keep on enriching us with your thoughts…

        looking forward to next Thursday!

  6. Suman saini says:

    बहुत खूब! आत्मान्वेषण के इस सफर पर आपके साथ चलते हुए ऐसे दृष्टिकोण प्रकट हो रहे हैं जिनको सामान्य रूप से जीवन में अधिकतर ध्यान दिया ही नहीं जाता परंतु यदि दिया जाए तो जीवन की दशा व दिशा दोनों बदल सकती है। व्यक्तिगत,पारिवारिक और प्रोफेशनल जीवन में सीमरेखा तय करना अपने स्वभाव से ऊपर उठकर, शुरु मे कुछ कठिन लग सकता है पर अनेक कठिनाइयों का समाधान भी इसी से हो सकता है।

    1. Sumedha says:

      Jee pranam, aapke udaar sneh bhare udgaaron ke liye sadar aabahar. Regards

  7. Ranju Dhingra says:

    Wow shah ji for another important n sensitive topic – boundaries. It’s very difficult to talk on this topic but you have explained it so beautifully. So well said we should do everything to be in the boundaries.
    पालकों की हद तोड़ कर दामन पे आ गिरा ,
    इक अश्क़ मेरे सबर की तौहीन कर गया ।
    Wah | This is what our generation is. And on the other hand sometimes you don’t want boundaries. As you said in legend Nida Fasli’s words
    Hosh walon ko khabar kya
    Bekhudi kya cheez hai
    Sumedha too good. May God bless you in abundance. Keep spreading this light of your knowledge. This is the biggest service to the society.
    Anxious for the next one

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thank you so much, Ranju. Your response to the podcast right from the beginning is indeed a motivating force for me. Regards

  8. Gaytri bajaj says:

    Namaskar mam…once again a wonderful topic taken up.. very well described about the personal boundaries..how important they are for respectful relationships..v r really blessed for ur efforts to enlightened us with ur amazing words.. keep us enrich by ur thoughts.. thanks a lot

    1. Sumedha says:

      Pranam Gaytriji, thanks for being a regular listener and contributor through comments. Am grateful. Regards

  9. Nitin arora says:

    मैम जी
    आपने जीवन का सार ही बता दिया ,जिस पर हमारा ध्यान नही गया , आपने बहुत सरलता से व्याख्या कर दी , बहुत अच्छे
    धन्यवाद धन्यवाद

    1. Sumedha says:

      Nitinji, pranam. Aapki saralata aur snehpoorn response ke liye aabhar. Regards

  10. Saroj kumari says:

    wonderful and heart touching massage

    1. Sumedha says:


  11. Dinesh Kumar says:

    This issue of boundaries is one of the most contentious issues in our lives. You have rightly emphasized the need for a balance in our attitudes regarding boundaries. Robert Frost’s poem that you have quoted from has always been one of my favourite poems. Your presentation is invariably persuasive, convincing and reassuring. Literary allusions add charm to the podcasts. Thanks for sharing this treasure with us!

    1. Sumedha says:

      Pranam sir, thank you so much. You always encourage me a lot. Am grateful. Regards

  12. Madhu Bala says:

    You have beautifully explained the concept of Boundaries in this episode. Boundaries are like a healthy diet for our lives. They are necessary for our own peace of mind. Even then it is not always easy to set boundaries. But they are essential for a happy, healthy and stress-free life. Thanks for enriching and motivating us with such valuable thoughts!

    1. Sumedha says:

      Jee pranam, thanks for being a regular listener and always motivating. Regards

  13. Deepak Chib says:

    Again a very good lesson for us Sumedha ji. I do not know how much literature you have gone through in all past years, to be able to write so good and with reference from so many books and great people. Seriously you are damn good in writing and I really mean it. I feel that I am coming across a different person in you through your writings. I had an idea that you love literature and never expected such a strong hold on it. I agree that we must lead a disciplined and alert life with boundaries. Thanks for your wonderful views

    1. Rashmi says:

      अति सुन्दर
      ब्यूटीफुल quotes
      आपके एपिसोडस मार्गदर्शक हैं और सोचने पर विवश भी करते हैं और कुछ कर गुजरने के लिए motivate कर रहे हैं. सादर आभार।
      Self discipline और
      Boundaries का निर्धारण करना और उन पर अमल करना इतना आसान कहाँ होता है??
      मैं उसके हाथ ना आऊं और वो मेरा हो के रहे…👌👌 बहुत बढ़िया…
      होशान नालों मस्ती चंगी.. Superb
      इक अश्क़ गिर कर सब्र की तौहीन कर गया
      हर पल इक दर्पण है…. क्या बात कही है जी 👌👌💞
      इन खूबसूरत बातों को झोली में समेटने के प्रयत्न में….
      असीमित शुभकामनाओं सहित

      1. Sumedha says:

        Thanks Rashmi, for generous appreciation. Regards

  14. Anonymous says:

    Dear sumedha, i absolutely agree with you..we need to discipline our life especially at this point of time..and indulge in activities which make us feel healthy and active. It is not always possible to do that because life leaves us feel so tired but atleast we have to try..
    I must say that you write very well and its a joy to listen to you..bless you!

    1. Sumedha says:

      Thanks a lot madam, for your comments. Regards

      1. Rajesh Singla says:

        Awesome 👍
        Deep Regards

  15. Respected Mam, Parnam!
    Your preach on Ego and our limitation in Episode 14 is an energetic and teach us how does we taggle with our obstacles, ego and limitations. But mam we try to come over all the situations happens either in office or out side, the same in any way turned around our domestic affairs and in which we start to think on our ego and limitations. In other word we can say Nahi chatey huai bhi karoshi ho jana. The remedy of such diseases for common person small or elder could not be traced except Saint or like your goodself who shows your kindness to the public to solve and also guide them properly. . I congratulate you and salute you for this kind cause. DEEPEST REGARDS 🙏

  16. Sumedha says:


  17. Anjali Raj says:

    Beautifully presented! Laying limits, limits laments. There are many men in one man and each one has a specific boundary. Outstretching or contracting of any of them spoils the alignment. Let us be free within our boundaries! Wonderful, thought provoking presentation!

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