Sumedha Kataria Talks 2.0 – ‘elan vital: The Last Episode

The end is nothing but merely a cycle of completion. It is the summation of our karmic duties towards others, lending the good vibes and healing souls along the way. A complete circle, from start to end, it is not conclusion of connections but an opportunity to leave our mark on everything around us.

6 comments on “Sumedha Kataria Talks 2.0 – ‘elan vital: The Last Episode
  1. KAUSHALYA says:

    Respected ma’am
    Sadar Namaskar
    Thankyou for giving us such beautiful episodes. I have covered up almost many of the episodes and the amount of energy and motivation and new learning that you teach us is just spectacular. Keep inspiring people ma’am and stay healthy and happy .

    1. Sumedha says:


  2. Suman saini says:

    As always, you have analyzed n concluded ‘end’ in a positive way. It has become a part of life to wait for your new episode every thursday. I have gained so much from the journey of self exploration specially in my very difficult days . Thank you for giving strength through your words of wisdom…..full of energy n capable of rejuvenating gloomy state of mind. Hope you will keep inspiring in some other form.

    1. Sumedha says:


  3. Ranju Dhingra says:

    Thank you Sumedha dear for this beautiful journey. Listen to so many topics with gained a lot to learn. Tried following few things also. Beautiful podcast with amazing start and the end. They say Never say good bye. So will always wait for your knowledgeable talks. God bless our ocean of knowledge, very precious friend dear Sumedha. Stay blessed 🙏

  4. Dinesh Kumar says:

    This is one of the most beautiful podcasts in Oorja Aparimit series! You have lucidly explained the essence of the concept of what we call an ‘ending’. The Sanskrit excerpt from the Upanishads embodies the profound truth about the universe. The very word ‘aparimit’ implies this truth.
    The entire series has been an amazing and enlightening exercise. I wish to register my deep gratitude to you for this literary-spiritual-philosophical mentoring!

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