ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 58

Episode 58:  Escape Not, Face!

Why do we binge watch our favourite show the night before a big meeting? Why do we want to get away and go for a holiday when we have a gigantic task to accomplish? Or constantly look at our phones? Is it all to be blamed on procrastination? Escapism isn’t laziness or a trait of irresponsibility but rather a way to cope in the ever competing worldly reality. The hustle culture has become toxic with people being burnt out, looking to evade the need to join the madness.

Join in today’s episode, as we view escapism not with the old lenses of tardiness rather understand the growing need of it and also devise ways to handle it.

15 comments on “ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 58
  1. Dr.R.P.Singh says:

    Well explained.Motivating ..

  2. Rashmi kataria says:

    बहुत खूब…
    बहुत अच्छा लिखा… शाबाश।
    उदाहरण बहुत अच्छे दिए हैं
    पेट की हड्डी… 👌👌
    मन की बात कही आपने… क्या करे कोई… मन ही तो है ना ….
    यदि हर किसी के पास आप जैसे मार्गदर्शक हों तो स्थितिओं से सलीके से झूझने की हिम्मत आ जाती है.
    स्थिति का सामना करना choice के साथ जरूरत भी… समय की मांग भी होती है.
    अति उत्तम… बेजोड़…
    यह episode students के साथ share होना चाहिए.
    यशस्वी भव, स्वस्थ भव, प्रसन्न भव, दीर्घायु भव।
    असीमित प्यार एवं मंगलकामनाओं के साथ अगली कड़ी की प्रतीक्षा में…

    1. Geeta jawa says:

      Wow, I recall how this attitude has been put into my growing up years and I didn’t realise that I am doing this with my daughters. Thank you di. What a deep reflection

  3. omish pruthi says:

    Very well scanned n analyzed.To overcome this negative tendency self suggestion is really important as you have impressed upon. Infact self esteem is enhanced n we feel as winner.
    Well done!👌👌

  4. Jai Parkash Sharma says:

    Respected Madam ji, Parnaam. The episode is really miracle to strengthen the self confidence to face the situations.
    Keep it up please.
    With all regards.
    Jai Parkash Sharma, Advocate

  5. Bhushan says:

    आज का एपिसोड निश्चित रूप से लाभदायक है l क्योंकि यह तो लगभग सभी के जीवन में कंही न कंही होता ही रहता है

  6. Saroj kumari says:

    Nice motivation madam ji

  7. Surender Sharma says:

    Very motivational and truely important nature if we deal with escapism rightly as explained. Some
    Time I also escape things but need of the day we have to suffer so it should be a habit not to escape and must face what ever come to our way. This will surely make life simple and result a better life
    Thanks once again for sharing such useful topic and explaining in such simple way

    1. Mohan lal saini says:

      Good morning, madam ji ,episode me bhut aache tarike se motivate kiya he or example deker smjane ki kosis ki he .

  8. Suman saini says:

    अत्यंत प्रेरणादायक संदेश। प्रिय रश्मि ने सही कहा कि विद्यार्थियों के लिए यह बहुत लाभदायक है। आप जिस विषय का भी स्पर्श करती हैं उसे अपने वक्तव्य से अनेक उद्धरण और शोधपरक सूचना सर इतना परिपूरित कर देतीं हैं कि कुछ भी अवशिष्ट नहीं रहता,श्रोताओं के लिए guiding torch की तरह उपादेय भी होता है।

    1. Nakul Dev says:

      We are blissed to have you in our life, your enlightened talks gives shows us path. Thank you dear mam for sharing your experience and insight with us..

  9. Ranju Dhingra says:

    Thank you Sumedha dear for this wonderful topic- Escape not face it. Very difficult situation explained in very simple n practical manner. Keep guiding us our ocean of knowledge.God bless.

    1. Sunita says:

      Osm Podcast n Madam Dr. Sumedha Kataria ji — both 👌. Very inspirational n energy boosting . Lifting to high esteem. Dear Madam, one human creator is up – above in the sky . And another creator is You – instilling higher human values in humans. Thanks very much to you n your beautiful mind. We Thank Great God for being in ur contact list. Stay Blessed Always 💐Regards

  10. Vasundhara Nath says:

    My dear ma’am ,
    Your references to the eternal song are always so inspiring! As Lord Krisna was the most efficient psychiatrist and ultimately succeeded in Arjun’s response: स्थितोस्मिन गतसंदेह करिश्ये वचनम तव! – आप भी कोई कम नहीं! Thanks for the sequel which will bring many back into action !
    Warm regards,

  11. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Of course, from a mentor like you, your listeners expect more than simple diagnosis of a tendency that causes problems in life. It is understandable that someone has asked for a cure also. Thanks for guiding us about the way in which this tendency to escape and to avoid facing a situation can be tackled. Looking forward to more life-changing advice and guidance from you!

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