ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 27


Death Means Not the End but Emancipation

Dread, fear of unknown and the mere thought of leaving it all behind and just ceasing to exist is a cruel one. All through our worldly lives, we perceive death as a merciless end. Striving through every day, going against all odds only to leave it any moment is truly baffling. But we need to understand that death is not the end but an emancipation in the court of Karma. Death implies the annihilation of our physical form but not of the true essence of our being, our soul. Our energies transmute when death befalls but our spiritual essence remains eternal. 
Tune in to today’s episode and change the way you perceive death so that we stop fearing it and accept it as a means to unite with the Universe.

Join me in today’s episode as we learn to transit our natural response to all our fears from flight to that of fight. 

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13 comments on “ऊर्जा अपरिमित – Episode 27
  1. dr mahasingh says:

    great reality natural truth you shared mam deeply touched ।thanks mam keep it up my gd wishes

  2. P D Verma says:

    Beautifully explained about the fear of death and it’s reality of life .we should keep our conscience always live

    1. Madhu Bala says:

      You have so rightly explained death which is the ultimate truth of every one’s life. The very thought of our own death or our near and dear ones is so frightening that we don’t want to think about it. But as you have said we should not fear it and live our lives happily doing good deeds and perceiving death as a means to unite with the universe.

  3. Respected Mam,, the most educate preach is this one.i liked it very much and got impressive and also inspired me to live fearless enjoyful life. Kindly accept my heartiest congratulations, deepest regards

  4. Vibha Sharma says:

    Respected Di, very satisfying to listen the supreme truth of life. Motivational and inspirational to live life free from anxiety without fear.
    Deepest Regards 🙏

  5. Good Morning Di, it’s true that hard fact of life is Death. No one want to listen face it, but it’s reality and we all have to face it some day. They way it’s been explained, motivates us to be positive and make our life more meaningful.
    If we remember this that will make our life more positive and carding to others with ourself. Undoubtedly we should live life with joy having no fear of it.
    Although it’s very difficult subject but you made it amazingly more acceptable.
    How fast we reached to 27th episode and wishing many more inspiring episodes as before.
    Profound Gratitude

    1. Nakul Dev says:

      The fear of death follows from the fear of life. Death ends a life, not a relationship. The choice of the topic is very good…Keep spreading Love and Light..💐🙏🏻

  6. Dinesh Kumar says:

    You have underscored the intensity of the fear that the baffling mystery of death arouses in our minds. You have also brought home the truth that we must perceive death as a part and parcel of the scheme of things. We need to realise not only its inevitability, but also its “naturalness”. In fact the way we respond to the thought of death significantly reveals the level of our self-realization. Thanks for this eloquent podcast that makes us think more positively about death, which is commonly considered to be the negation of life!

  7. Hon’ble Madam ji, Parnaam. The episode”Death” is hard truth of life cycle. Excellently explained to eliminate the fear of death.
    Keep it up please.
    With all regards.
    Jai Parkash Sharma, Advocate

  8. Mohan lal saini says:

    Madam ji, jai swachhta death hi jiwan ka last he,sans or death ak dusre se jude he episodehi se prerna bi milti he thank madam.ji

  9. KAUSHALYA Arya says:

    Respected ma’am
    Indeed a true reality that every individual have to face in their lives. Let’s not fear it rather just accept the true reality . Thankyou for sharing such beautiful words .

  10. SUNITA says:

    Respected Mam, although it was difficult subject but u made it easy to accept n not to fear death. Interestingly at the end of this episode , ur quote from John Donn clarifies the paradox beautifully — Death be not proud, one short sleep past , we wake eternally ;; it again proved us ourselves a helping hand to understand well that after death rather we wake eternally n death itself dies. Thanks very much for removing our fear of death n accepting it in easy way and also that how to live this life aimicably before we die , by giving so many n good examples. Thanks n Stay Blessed 🙏

  11. SUNITA GUPTA says:

    Madam ji, beautifully explained the concept of death. Very motivational episode that — not to die on daily basis before actual death comes. Thank you 🙏

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