Ho’oponopono – The Hawaiian Prayer

Ever thought what’s the hardest phrase to say??  Any guesses??
‘I love you’ ?

‘Thank you’ ?

‘I am sorry’?

‘Please forgive me’ ??

I think the most difficult to say are the last two of sentences which mean the same thing-sorry.

Ever thought if this becomes a second nature then what would happen?

Actually, I have hardly ever felt much difficulty is saying sorry or seek forgiveness but something strange happened to me a few months ago. On my birthday an old student of mine  Anupama called and said she wanted to gift me something on phone and she sent me the Hawaiian prayer called Ho’oponopono consisting four sentences:

I am sorry.

Pease forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you/pray for you/bless you.

The people there use it for family bonding, resolving of relationship issues and bringing about harmony and peace. When I delved deep into it, saw many videos on YouTube,  read on Google,  I found it strange asto how could one say or feel sorry even to the person who has hurt you, bruised your psyche, caused you tears and pain with words or deeds!! How could one ‘feel’ and then have the courage also to say this prayer to the perpetrator of suffering on you!! But I wanted to give it a try and thought of the person against whom I had the maximum resentment and anger that everytime I would feel about him/her, my teeth would clench, fingers double into palm and my fist would visualise hitting that person fiercely . I had made up my mind to let go, free myself of this negativity so I used this prayer for that individual silently, feeling the urgency to express sorry, seek forgiveness,  thank him/her sincerely as I had got my lessons and then say: I pray for you and bless you. In matter of no time such peace descended on me that I felt washed off from inside and truly grateful for everything. Since then I have tried it umpteen number of times and felt the same calm, repose and return to sanity with all gratitude. The impact has been manifold. It has improved the aura of that person, I no more feel any resentment and its always the prayer spontaneously overflowing on thought of that individual.

If it’s the hardest thing to utter with feeling this prayer then I would also like to emphasize its also the most essential and emergent necessity to use this prayer to get peace, love, and harmony. What transpires inside us through this prayer is so immensely elevating and evolving feel-truly indescribable.  Recently I finished a book titled The Zero Limit by Joe Vitale who has explained the Ho’oponopono in a detailed manner that it can be a game-changer indeed. More I shall share on The Zero Limit when I succeed in assimilating the spirit of the book. In the meantime, I would suggest you listen to this sacred prayer and try it at least once ..who knows you might feel as enriched as I do.

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  1. Sachin Thukral says:

    The prayer certainly provides solace, relief and calmness!


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