Podcast: Sumedha Kataria Talks 2.0

Sumedha Kataria Talks 2.O, in its new avatar, will take the journey of Elan Vital ahead. An odyssey of shared experiences on diverse topics about our lives, thoughts and energy vibrations. With discourses and dialogues, we will manoeuver through technicalities of life and evolve to change our perspectives for the better and positive. New episode every Thursday. Inviting you to join the journey of self-exploration and mindful existence.

Sumedha Kataria Talk 2.0 – Episode 3 – Parents vs Children

The evolution of parent- child relationship is extraordinary. From teaching and learning to walk, to facing life, our perspectives evolve too. Over time, parent-child hierarchy paves way for a deeper connection but not all is so smooth. Why does this sacred relationship tense up? Why do the feelings of neglect or control fester?

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Sumedha Kataria Talks 2.0 – Episode 2 – Parents

The roots of any beings’ existence and character stem from one’s parents. Parent and child relationship is the purest form to ever exist with them acting as a child’s primary guardians. Parenting begins long before a child is born, and parents gradually transform into their children’s alter egos, and vice versa.

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Sumedha Kataria Talks 2.0 – Episode 1 – Past

Why is it that reminiscing our past is so natural yet at the same time dwelling on it considered so wrong? A dichotomous question whose answer will lead us to true meaning of being alive and awake.

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